A downloadable game for Windows

ChessZero was developed in Python using the PyGame and Python chess libraries. The game features single-player (against the computer) and two-player gameplay. The single-player feature was implemented using Stockfish, which is an open source chess engine. Slight modifications were required to enable the engine to play our game, which has some rules different than those of ordinary chess.

Scroll to the bottom, just download the zip file extract it in your pc and play.

Tutorial and rules -

First preview

rules of the game

single player tutorial

Multiplayer tutorial

Install instructions

  • The rar folder is to be unzipped.
  • It contains "chesszero.exe" inside folder "ChessZero", which is to be executed.
  • The Home page of the game opens up, with options to play the game or read the relevant rules.


ChessZero exe.rar 14 MB


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Project link - https://github.com/ppritish51/Chesszero